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We are prepared to provide private investigations and security consulting services for your unique situations.  Our Investigators are dedicated to working for you and finding the answers to your complex issues.  Additionally, our consulting services include site assessments, security deployment planning, and event operations.  Based in Austin, Texas we're here to conduct security assessments and planning for your event.  No event or situation is too small or large for us to help you find the right solution.  



Security Officer 


Our security guard services are designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations looking for professional security services. Our uniformed officers represent the most committed, professional and highly trained security professionals. No other company matches our high expectations for our clients as we do.  Whether you need armed security or off-duty police officers, we have the right solution for you.


Management Meeting

During a public event, any number of circumstances may occur that may overwhelm your resources or require incident management.  Having a plan and executing that plan is the key to your success.   Our operations specialists have the expertise to provide operational or logistical assistance for your public event.  This can be accomplished with our specialist leading your operations or working as your temporary employees to augment your existing resources during your event.  Contact us today to discuss the best solution for you.

Operational Assistance


Personal Protective Services 

We provide Personal Security Details (PSD) (Executive Protection)  and our experienced PSD agents come from the public sector with military or law enforcement experience.  Our PSD agents are trained in incident-avoidance, surveillance detection, protective advance work, protective formations, tactical driving, motorcade operations, defensive tactics, and first aid.  We don't employ people who want to learn PSD operations at your expense and risk, we employ only those who have experience providing protective services details in a real-world environment.  

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